Our Services

Zetus specializes in installation services for Electricity, HVAC, Telecommunications, Automation and Control Systems, and Plumbing, both in new construction works, as well as in reform and rehabilitation of buildings for clients in many sectors, including Household Residential, Lodging Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Administrative, Educational, Health, and Parking.
Additionally, we carry out all kind works in every construction domain, as required for customized execution of the most demanding projects.
Also, we provide scheduled and corrective maintenance services, following thorough documenting and filing procedures for all preventive and repair actions that take place at each specific installation.
We count on a broad portfolio and extensive experience executing installation works for challenging design housing projects and high standing residential complexes, as well as state-of-the-art office facilities and emblematic hotels. Indeed, the distinctive feature of our services is the uniqueness of the endeavours we undertake, including projects with the highest technical demands and greatest architectural originality, with large investment figures, aiming at the most demanding users on the market. Our projects also stand out for the high technological level of the solutions we deploy, with strong focus on lowest environmental footprint and highest energy efficiency.
Counting on our own engineering office allows us to provide our own solutions to the technical challenges that arise during the execution of such complex projects and to offer technical advice and consulting services in our areas of technical competence.


We install all kinds of state-of-the-art systems to guarantee adequate temperature, humidity and air quality conditions and deliver comfortable inhabitable spaces.
Below some examples:

  • Air conditioning (AC) systems with variable refrigerant flow (VRF).
  • AC-VRF systems with energy recovery for the production of domestic hot water and swimming pools heating.
  • Underflow heating and cooling systems.
  • Fan Coils.
  • Aerothermal air-water systems simultaneously controlling fan coils and underfloor cooling or heating through VRF Units.
  • Dehumidification of spaces, such as swimming pools and spas.
  • Mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery equipment.
  • Production of domestic hot water (DHW).
  • Solar thermal installations using vacuum tubes.
  • Thermo-photovoltaic installations.


We carry out all necessary installation works to provide our client’s buildings and infrastructures with energy, including the equipment and systems required for controlling and managing their correct operation, safety and efficiency.
Our installation services include:

  • Power generation facilities, including Photo-Voltaic self-consumption solutions.
  • Lead-in line, transformer facilities, electrical panels.
  • Wiring, interior electrical installations, common areas, and garages. (including electrical installations for emergency use).
  • HVAC systems, treatment plants, elevators, plumbing groups, antennas, home automation, irrigation facilities, swimming pools, gyms, industrial kitchens, industrial warehouses, warehouses, machine rooms and office stalls.
  • Sanitary hot water production equipment.
  • Installation of charging points for electric cars.


We design and install telecommunication solutions, for example:

  • Installation of wired and wireless telecommunication facilities.
  • Installation of voice and data communication equipment and facilities, including optical fiber networks, server racks, structured cabling, workstations outlets and access points systems for wireless networks (wi-fi).
  • Closed TV circuits and Electronic Security, Telephone Entry & Access Control Systems, Sound and Public Address Systems, Radio Communication Installations.

Automation and control

We create buildings and infrastructures that are safer, comfortable and environmentally respectful, applying control automation and intelligent management of systems integrated by means of internal and external communication networks, wired or wireless, that can be remotely controlled from within the own premises or off-site, for example:

  • Intelligent lighting, HVAC and irrigation control systems.
  • Automated management of winter / summer mode changes in HAVAC Systems.
  • Control of IP Video Door Phone Intercom System, Wired Doorbell Cameras, and video surveillance systems.
  • Fire Protection Systems (detection and extinction).
  • Monitoring and control of the facility systems based on mobile apps and internet connectivity.


We carry out all the plumbing works required for the execution of our projects, whether in new construction works, as in reforms, rehabilitation works or maintenance actions. In addition, we offer specialized plumbing services for environmental sustainability in the construction and operation of buildings.
Our plumbing services include:

  • Water supply and sanitation, indoor water supply facilities, and plumbing.
  • Drinking water treatment and purification.
  • Greywater treatment and reuse.
  • Rainwater harvesting and recycling.
  • Boiler Installation, Repairs & Servicing.
  • HVAC System Flushing.
  • Water Supply Pipe Repairs & Wet Rooms.
  • Installation of sanitary equipment.


We understand that buildings and their installations must undergo systematic maintenance, ensuring that they continue to operate in perfect condition, and performing efficiently, while avoiding significant damage due to negligence and detriment to their value. Consequently, we offer facilities maintenance services covering installations, systems and equipment for:

  • Fire detection and protection.
  • Solar energy and Domestic Hot Water.
  • Heating.
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation.
  • Electricity.
  • Electricity.
  • Plumbing and sanitation-

We design specific maintenance programs for building facilities with the required task scope and schedule, depending on the characteristics of the systems and equipment to be maintained, in compliance with the applicable technical codes and regulations, and attending to the client’s expectations. As a guide, we can highlight following types of maintenance services:

  • Preventive Maintenance: It is carried out at predetermined intervals (annual, monthly, biweekly, etc.) or according to pre-established criteria, aimed at reducing the probability of failure or degradation of equipment operation.
    The service includes periodic and systematic operations of verification, inspection, revision, basic cleaning, regulation, adjustment, correction and replacement of the parts of the system to be maintained. Its aimed at ensuring proper operation in a optimal performance from every point of view, including functional, safety, energy efficiency, and protection of the environment.

  • Corrective Maintenance: Repair failures and out of order equipment, whether the issue was detected during one of scheduled preventive reviews, or whether it was raised by an incident warning.
    These services can be provided immediately or can be deferred

  • Replacement Maintenance: It aims to restore an asset initial and functionality. It can happen because the asset has reached the limit of its useful life, or it has become obsolete according to a cost / benefit analysis, or because it is generating frequent breakdowns.

  • Modification Maintenance: These are modifications required in the installations to solve faults, improving their operation, safety and / or energy performance.

Interior work and other services

We understand that buildings and their facilities must undergo systematic maintenance, ensuring that they continue to operate in perfect condition, and performing efficiently, while avoiding significant damage due to negligence and detriment to their value. Consequently, we offer facilities maintenance services covering installations, systems and equipment for:

  • Fire detection and protection.
  • Solar energy and Domestic Hot Water.
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation.
  • Electricity.
  • Plumbing and sanitation

Consulting and projects

Our team of Engineers is integrated within a multidisciplinary technical engineering office where experience, training and technology awareness come together to support the provision of installation services of extraordinary technical quality. Services offered by our engineering office include:

  • Preliminary studies, feasibility studies and project planning.
  • Solving engineering and design challenges that arise during the execution of installation projects in residential-, industrial-, or services- buildings.
  • Integrated technical advice to public and private entities in the design and execution of large-scale facilities.
  • Studies for energy saving and use of alternative energy sources.
  • Technical studies for photovoltaic solar energy installations.
  • Preparation of technical reports on installations, test reports, measurements and certifications for judicial experts, owner communities, public bodies and private companies.
  • Administrative support to procedures for legalization, registration, licensing and funding.
Below, a representative, though not exhaustive, sample of projects completed by Zetus. Our projects often include tasks related to the provision of several of the services offered by our company.
We keep continuously updating the section with our latest project, so come back and have a look every once in a while.

Completed Projects


Cliente: Bygga


Cliente: Zimenta

Poniente 21

Client: Zarosan

C. del Castañar

Client: Zimenta


Client: Selectra


Client: EFIKO

Casa Taberna

Client: Zimenta

Mo de Movimiento

Client: Zimenta


Client: San José

La Plaza y Ulises

Client: Zimenta

Madroños 29

Client: Zimenta-Tuna

M. de Ahumada

Client: Selectra


Client:  BricoPro

Clínica Zuiss

Client:  Clínica Zuiss

Hotel Pestana

Client:  San José

Hotel Pavilions

Client:  Zimenta

M. de Monteagudo

Client:  Selectra

La Finca

Client:  Zimenta

Hosp. Vet. Pujol

Client:  Zimenta


Client:  Zimenta

Madroños 27

Client:  Zimenta