Mo de Movimiento

Restaurant - 2020

Reform & Refurbishing - Commercial Sector

Client:  Zimenta Obras y Proyectos SL

Service Description


  • HVAC system consisting of 2 Carrier Aquasnap outdoor units, (37KW and 21KW). The water heated by the units goes into a 500-liter buffer tank, and from there it is distributed to fan-coils with an installed of 56KW.
  • Carrier heat recovery unit with a flow rate of 3000m3/h that achieves 83% performance in winter and 75% in summer.
  • Air distribution through a network of internally insulated galvanized sheet metal ducts.
  • 3 Carrier fan coils in the main restaurant room.
  • Air diffusion by means of thermo-adjustable Koolair grids, which, depending on the flow temperature, rise or fall for a correct air direction.
  • 2 floor-standing fan coils in the offices.
  • 1 floor-standing fan coil on the first floor
  • 1 floor-standing fan coil units for the locker rooms in basement.
  • Custom designed system for collecting excess heat from the ovens through a network of copper pipes and a Baxi Drain Back system.
  • The heat recovered from the ovens fed the underfloor heating for the terrace and for preheating in DHW production.
  • Installation, customization and setup of evaporative systems (terracotta jugs, evaporative walls using Soler & Palau HXBR and HCFB / 4-355 / H fan equipment.


Electrical installation powering lighting, HVAC equipment, DHW production and kitchen equipment.
The installation consists of:

  • One 170 KW electrical panel.
  • Six secondary electrical panels.
  • Led lighting in all rooms with original design for the restaurant.
  • Adjustable lighting intensity.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Recycled luminaires reducing the environmental impact.


  • Data network.
  • Data Rack.


ROTH’s Aquaserver 300 greywater recovery system:

  • Water recovered from sinks and from evaporative cooling systems, as well as condensation water from the HVAC conditioning units, is taken to a 650-liter Rothagua tank for treatment by means of an aerobic biological reactor with membrane filter.
  • Treated water is passed to a Rothagua tank with a capacity of 700-liter, and from there it is delivered to the cisterns of the toilets, resulting in significant water savings.

ROTH rainwater harvesting and recycling:

  • Installation of outdoor sinks in floor of the interior patio.
  • Installation of drains at the bottom of the planters of the interior patio.
  • Rainwater is filtered through a filter led to a 3000-litters tank, for use in watering patio plants.

Artisanal manufacture of custom copper pipes for the main bathroom.

Adiquimica drinking water treatment, filtration and disinfection system that eliminates odours, flavours, heavy metals, chlorine and bacteria from water, consisting of:

  • One 20-microns filter.
  • One 5-microns filter.
  • One active carbon dechlorination unit
  • One 1-micron filter.
  • One ultraviolet lamp.

Automation & Control

HVAC management system based in the Modbus protocol that allows centralized and remote control of various parameters, including:

  • Temperature settings and ventilation level for each fan coil.
  • Sequencing of the evaporative systems, being able to modify all their actuation intervals.
  • Start-stop of the “Drain back” solar thermal energy collection system.

Following parameters monitored:

  • Temperature and humidity both in the main room and in the patio, as well as the temperature on the ceiling of the premises.
  • Gas and water flow entering the network and leaving the system, both for greywater treatment and reuse as well as rainwater harvesting and recycling.
  • Electric energy meters for the heat pump and the solar thermal energy collection system "Drain back".

Interior work and other services

Noise reduction installation:

  • Climaver Neto C-shaped acoustic trap located between the fan coil air inlets and outlets.
  • Procurement, adaptation and installation of Soler & Palau fans to reduce noise levels at the evaporative containers.
  • Installation of efficient silencers to attenuate noise at the air recuperator inlets.
  • Installation of "silentblock" suspensions in fan coils and evaporative systems fans.
  • Installation of anti-vibration fabric in the air ducts to prevent them from spreading vibrations.
  • Use of isophonic clamps to fix the pipes to the ceiling, avoid propagation of vibrations from the hydraulic installation to the structure