Pavilions Madrid Hotel

Hotel - 2018

Reform & Refurbishing - Lodging Residential

Client:  Zimenta Obras y Proyectos SL

Service Description


Electrical installation a hotel building to power lighting, HVAC, elevators, plumbing group, fire pressure group (PCI), home automation, solar equipment for production of DHW, antennas, and kitchen equipment.
Installation consisting of:

  • 29 room electrical panels.
  • 13 electrical panels for common areas.


Telecommunication infrastructure including optical fiber, Radio-TV, and data networks with wireless access points consisting of:

  • RTV-, Radio- and Satellite- signal Antennas.
  • Televes operator’s programmable amplifier.
  • Main and secondary distribution registers for TV, optical fiber and data network.
  • Wifi access points.
  • Data rack.