Madroños 27

Residential Complex - 2016

New Construction - Household Residential

Cliente:  Zimenta Obras y Proyectos SL

Service Description


  • Independent installation of air-water aerothermal system for each dwelling unit using VRV with head recovery. Equipment: Mitsubishi Electric - City Multi R2 (PURY-P200/PURY-P400).
  • Refrigerant-gas/water indoor units. Models: PWFY-P100VM-E-BU y PWFY-EP100VM-E1-AU.
  • DHW production with custom-made domestic hot water storage tanks.
  • Underfloor heating/cooling and embedded fan coil units with equipment Clima Canal from Jaga.
  • Solar thermal installation using vacuum tubes.


Electrical installation with three-phase supply for dwelling units, common areas and garage, to supply lighting, HVAC equipment, treatment plants, elevators, and plumbing group.
The installation consists of:

  • 19 electrical panels in the dwelling units.
  • 19 HVAC electrical panels in the dwelling units
  • 8 electrical panels for common service areas
  • Mechanism of the brand JUNG model LS990 steel.
  • Solar energy equipment to power the production of DHW and antennas
  • Charging points for electric vehicles.


Building telecommunications infrastructure including optical fiber data network, and radio-television network.
The installation consists of:

  • RTV, Radio and Satellite signal reception antennas.
  • Mono channel amplifiers.
  • Main and secondary distribution registers for RTV and data networks.

Automation & Control

Installation, set-up and programming of home automation system for all dwelling units to control the air conditioning, video intercom, irrigation and lighting.


Customized maintenance program tailored to the needs of the installations completed in this site in order to ensure adequate conservation and to minimize downtime due to possible breakdowns.
Contracted maintenance services include:

  • Preventive maintenance, including minor repairs and contingencies. It is carried out through semi-annual scheduled visits or according to needs (4 reviews / year).
  • Corrective maintenance to solve failures, fix breakdowns and respond to emergencies.
  • Maintenance actions are carried out under strict compliance with applicable regulations and following the specifications issued by the manufacturers of the installed equipment and components.