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We do things differently

High-end Service

Quality does not consist of a set of standards. It's rather an attitude that becomes a reflex when constantly cultivated. The most demanding clients in our sector trust us with their more exclusive and challenging projects due to our technological capacity, our seriousness and our continuous attention to detail.
We strive perfection at project execution time and creation of maximal comfort for the users of our installations. Furthermore, we focus on balancing rationality, efficiency, productivity and professional ethics.

Reasoned Execution

Our expert workforce has extensive training, but also, they have been experiencing, for many years, all kind of situations that arise on a day to day basis at the installation sites. Counting with our own engineering team that stay up to date on technologies and innovations in their expertise areas, helps us to bridge the gap between the projects on the blueprints and their execution on site.
We aren’t project executors, but problem solvers, always following the path to highest quality and best possible execution.

Environmental Care

Respect for the environment is a defining trait of Zetus. Our team bespeak its commitment to eco-efficiency, ensuring environmental sustainability of all projects through efficient use of energy resources, and application of environmental protection criteria and innovation results during design, execution and exploitation of our solutions. We aim at reducing the ecological footprint in all our operational procedures.

Flagship Projects

2021 Results

No. of Employees

Annual Growth: 35%

No. of Suppliers

Annual Drop: 9%

No. of Clients

Annual Drop: 20%

Turnover in EUR

Annual Growth: 14%

Results from 2016 to 2021

annual turnover chart 2016-2018
annual no, of clients chart
annual no of suppliers chart
 annual of employees chart

Pillars of success

A Great Team

Both the professional level and the human quality of our colleagues are sources of pride for each member of the small Zetus family.

A permanent attention to our people, their well-being, their personal growth and their professional career are essential components of Zetus development strategy and daily practices in our organisation.


We can’t thank our clients enough for entrusting us with their projects.

We know that without their support and generosity our young company would never have succeeded.

Our most important goal is to anticipate their needs and to ways live up to their trust.

Our Processes

Our distinctive trait, compliance with the highest quality standards. Our motto, to carry out the work in a good and workmanlike manner, avoiding the need to return to a site to remedy defects due to communication failures or errors at any project step, from contracting, engineering, or purchasing, to work delivery, maintenance or after-sales follow-ups. Our permanent commitment, operational excellence.