Let’s make the best of it!

Everyone was eager to leave 2020 in the rear-view-mirror, and then, while still enjoying the end of the year when the largest pandemic in a century swept across the globe, upending lives and economies, we were astonished as we saw a polar storm, Filomena, hitting Madrid for the first time in 50 years. In just two days she filled everything with joy, in five days she buried half of Spain under the snow and left Madrid semi-paralyzed for almost two weeks.

Could it be that the elements are colluding to give us no respite?

Relax, our first blog entry of the year doesn’t come in a reconciling tone with regard to the pandemic, neither in an alarmist tone concerning bad weather.


Sustainable Housing. First Issue.

In previous publications we have reiterated Zetus' commitment to sustainability and efficiency in construction, providing examples and details on how our team translates that commitment into concrete actions and solutions implemented on a regular base in our installations and projects.

Given the interest in the subject sparked among our readers, especially within the residential sector, we are starting this series "Sustainable housing", where we will address relevant issues to be considered when building or renovating comfortable houses with low impact on the environment —economical to run, healthier to live in and adaptable to their changing needs of its inhabitant.


A great opportunity for everyone

Our team of engineers and installers take pride in solving problems on each job site, but specially in projects like Mo de Movimiento, an urban leisure space on Espronceda street in Madrid, that promotes a responsible consumption model combining inclusión and sustainability with great inventiveness. Few moments are as fulfilling as those in which we realize to have contributed bringing a generous, positive and courageous vision to life.

We are satisfied with the result of a job well done, proud of its impact, and ultimately enriched. By solving engineering problems we give concrete forms to ideas and challenges posed by people with very different perspectives. As they are solutions that grow and develop through a collaborative effort, when they mature we recognize in them the minds and hearts of those who gave themselves to make them come true, in an incredible journey that culminates in something that may be different from what each of us individually conceived, but there it remains, for everyone.

There are few professions that so beautifully express the power of human collaboration as engineering can. We take pride in contributing our know-how to projects that can bring people together like that.


Zetus launches a home solar self-consumption service.

Attention Madrid homeowners!

This summer brings great news, Zetus Soluciones Energéticas decided to reach out to the homeowner’s market with its electricity self-consumption solutions in support of the Green Deal. Indeed, we started installing our photovoltaic systems, —that have proven to be efficient and durable—, directly in gated communities, blocks of flats and single-family homes in the Madrid region.

Given its local nature, the full information related to this service is available only in Spanish. However, we will be happy to receive and attend international inquiries in English.Contact us at solar@zetus.es


Drinking Water Quality vs. Environmental Sustainability. Is this really a trade-off?

Last December we issued an article (only available in Spanish) about the solutions for greywater treatment and reuse, as well as rainwater harvesting and recycling, that we installed at the restaurant “Mo de Movimiento”, at Espronceda Street, in Madrid. Today we want to tell you about the water treatment solution deployed there for the production of high-quality drinking water through mechanical filtering and ultraviolet radiation. A further proof of the fact that quality of services and environmental sustainability are not conflicting options.

The full text of the article is only available in Spanish.   SPANISH FULL-TEXT...

No one has stolen the month of April.

The title of this blog entry is a play on words which references a popular Spanish song to anticipate the final phrase and key statement of the post: Despite all kind of limitations imposed by the extreme situation faced over the last couple of months, our team continues active, meeting our commitments with the clients, and looking for new opportunities to help at the forefront of the battle against the pandemic.

So far, Zetus contributed with the installation of a medical gas conduction system at the emergency hospital set up at IFEMA Fairground, as well as with the distribution of masks to hospitals, animal shelters, nursing homes and Civil Guard roadside checkpoints.

Most importantly, the extensive experience of our company projecting and installing intelligent ventilation solutions that improve indoor air quality is highlighted in the post.

The article points out the importance of a proper ventilation to ensure healthy sanitary conditions in buildings, in general, and to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, particularly COVID19. It also explains the working principle of Head Recovery Ventilation systems and invites the reader to contact us to learn more about our offer to access that kind of solutions, which includes engineering and installation support, but also advice and support concerning financial coverage to undertake the required works.

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Unity makes strength.

This blog post contains a message of encouragement addressed to Zetus team, that has been performing as a cohesive and fighting crew since the outbreak of the COVID19 epidemic in Spain.

The article continues with a detailed guide of measures to be followed by Zetus employees in order to preserve their health while executing the job with utmost attention to safety.

We are proud of all our colleagues, this sanitary crisis brought out the best in them all. They are watching out for they coworker's safety, and putting an enormous amount of energy and discipline to comply with our internal safety rules, so that Zetus' wheel don't stop spinning.

We considered it appropriate to publish our internal safety measures, which have proven to be effective to keep our colleagues safe and productive, making it available to any other crew in other companies doing similar job.

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2019. A year of Zetus in four minutes

Zetus Solutiones Energeticas' business keep responsibly growing on a steady upward path since the company was founded four years ago with a vocation of service and a passion for excellence. For the fourth consecutive year our company results are better than last year.

Our turnover grew by 37% compared to 2018. Proportionally, our staff grew by 36%. With such reinforcements we managed to meet the expectations of a client portfolio 26% larger than in last year, working together with 16% more suppliers. These reflects our dedication and commitment throughout the year, as well as the careful attention we have paid to the three pillars of our business strategy —the team, the clients, and the processes—, together with the creativity and professionalism in the core of our response to the challenges at each installation.

In four minutes, the sequence of images above, summarize the achievements of the year. The video presentation is also available (Spanish only) in our YouTube Channel


Three key improvements in the Technical Building Code.

The Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE) is the regulatory standard that establishes the requirements to be met by buildings in relation to the basic requirements of safety and further conditions established in the applicable legislation (The Spanish Law of Construction Planning).

The latest update of the Code brings modifications with three crucial implications: Greater energy savings, more fire safety and greater protection against exposure to radon.

This blog post explains in detail those changes with regard to their positive impact in our company's operations, given that our approach to installation is fully aligned to the spirit of the updates in CTE: maximum energy efficiency and environmental care.

The full text of the article is only available in Spanish.   SPANISH FULL-TEXT...